CA Water Code Section 60414

Notice of such election shall be published in the district pursuant to Section 6063 of the Government Code. Publication shall be complete at least seven, but not more than 28, days prior to the date fixed for such election. Such notice shall describe the boundaries of the area so proposed to be excluded and shall deignate such area by some appropriate name, or other words of identification, by which such area may be referred to and indicated upon the ballot to be used at any election at which the question of such exclusion is submitted, as in this act provided. The measure so submitted at such election shall be stated on the ballot substantially as follows:
“Shall ____ (giving the name or other designation of the area proposed to be excluded, as stated in the notice of election) be excluded from ____ (name of water replenishment district)?” At the right of such proposition there shall be printed the words “yes” and “no” with voting squares.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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