California Water Code
Sec. § 5106


Neither the statements submitted under this part nor the determination of facts by the board pursuant to Section 5105 shall establish or constitute evidence of a right to divert or use water.


(1)The board may rely on the names and addresses included in statements submitted under this part for the purpose of determining the names and addresses of persons who are to receive notices with regard to proceedings before the board.


Notwithstanding paragraph (1), any person may submit, in writing, a request to the board to provide notification to a different address, and the board shall provide the notification to that address.


If the board provides notice to persons who file statements under this part, the notice shall not be determined to be inadequate on the basis that notice was not received by a person, other than a party to whom the board’s action is directed, who fails to file a statement required to be filed under this part.


This subdivision does not affect the requirement in Section 2527 to provide notice to all persons who own land that appears to be riparian to the stream system.


In any proceeding before the board to determine whether an application for a permit to appropriate water should be approved, any statement submitted under this part or determination by the board pursuant to Section 5105 is evidence of the facts stated therein.
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