CA Water Code Section 33222

On the first day of the second month following the sixty-first day after the effective date of this part, and if the districts and the city have adopted the resolutions approving this part as herein provided, and if no petition bearing at least 5 percent of the signatures of the registered voters of the area in the districts and the city has been filed requesting an election, the dissolution of the named districts and their merger into and the formation of the new Costa Mesa County Water District shall occur without further action by any of the districts or the city. All of the facilities, properties, assets and liabilities of all the districts are hereby transferred on such date to the Costa Mesa County Water District. The water system and its appurtenances of the City of Costa Mesa are, pursuant to the city’s resolution approving same, transferred as of that date to the Costa Mesa County Water District.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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