CA Water Code Section 31578

If an improvement district is formed in the Kings County Water District to encompass all or a portion of the area within the district served by the Lakeside Ditch Company (a mutual water company) for the purpose of acquiring stock of such company, operating the system of such company, and furnishing the shareholders thereof with water, the voters in such improvement district may elect an advisory board of five members. The members of such advisory board first elected shall be elected at the election of district directors next held following the formation of the improvement district. The members of the advisory board shall be elected in the same manner as district directors. The members first elected shall at their first meeting classify themselves by lot so that three members shall hold office for two years and two members shall hold office for four years. Thereafter all members shall hold office for four years. The advisory board in such improvement district may make recommendations to the district board solely as to matters pertaining to the operation of the system acquired from the Lakeside Ditch Company and the distribution of the water to which the shareholders of such company have rights. The district board shall follow any such recommendation unless it is rejected by the district board by unanimous vote of its members.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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