CA Water Code Section 31113

Pursuant to a resolution adopted by a fourth-fifths vote of all the members of the board, the Calaveras County Water District may deposit any funds of the district, not to exceed four hundred thousand dollars ($400,000) in amount, in a revolving fund to be available for the acquisition of real or personal property, for engineering services, or for the construction of structures or improvements needed in whole or in part to provide facilities and services within the district, or an improvement district therein, as authorized pursuant to Section 31110. Such revolving fund shall be reimbursed from service fees, connection charges, tax revenues, or other moneys available from the service area, and no sums shall be disbursed from the fund until the board has, by resolution, established the method by which, and the term, not to exceed five years, within which the fund shall be reimbursed. The fund shall be reimbursed within five years together with interest at the current legal rate per annum.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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