CA Water Code Section 31054

No publicly owned utility shall commence to provide any water service for, on, or to any land within a county water district which is subject to a lien of an indebtedness arising under any contract between the district and the United States of America incurred or contracted by the district for the purpose of providing water service, provided two-thirds of the voters voting at an election within the district have approved the incurrence of the indebtedness and, provided further, that the district has water available and is ready, able, and willing to serve such land. However, a publicly owned utility may commence to provide service, otherwise prohibited, upon either of the following conditions:


If the board of directors of such a county water district shall by resolution permit such service; or


In any portion of such a county water district proposed to be served by the publicly owned utility in which the total number of registered voters residing therein exceeds 200, and in which at least a majority of the voters voting on the proposition shall have voted at a special county water district election to permit such service within that portion of the district. The election shall be called and held within that portion of the district as an initiative measure pursuant to Section 30830.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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