CA Water Code Section 31014

Subject to the consent of the governing body of the county or city having jurisdiction over the highway or street, the Juniper-Riviera County Water District may open, widen, extend, straighten, surface, or otherwise improve and maintain, in whole or in part, that highway or street, as the case may be, in such district. This special provision is necessary because of special circumstances in the area served by the Juniper-Riviera County Water District. This area is located in a sparsely populated desert area, and the people of the county have an urgent and immediate need for improved and maintained roads within the boundaries of this county water district. The people of the county would be substantially benefited by having road improvement and maintenance provided by the existing district instead of by the formation of other and additional districts. It is, therefore, hereby declared that a general law cannot be made applicable and that this enactment is necessary for the solution of problems within the Juniper-Riviera County Water District.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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