CA Water Code Section 26131

The certificate of sale may be in substantially the following form, the blanks being filled to show the facts in each case: Certificate of SaleNo. ___ _______ Irrigation District I, the collector of ______ Irrigation District, certify that on the ____ day of ____, 19__, after giving the required notice, I sold to ______ Irrigation District, the purchaser, for the sum of ______ dollars ($____) real property in the County of ______, State of California, described as follows: (Insert description.) This land was assessed to ________. This property was sold for a delinquent assessment levied on it in the year ____ by the district, and the sale price was the sum due and unpaid on the assessment and the penalties and costs The purchaser will be entitled to a deed to the property at any time after five years from the date of the sale unless in the meantime the property is redeemed. Witness my hand and the seal of the district this ______ day of ________, 19__. (District Seal.) Collector of ______ Irrigation District
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Aug. 19, 2023

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