CA Water Code Section 10727.4

In addition to the requirements of Section 10727.2, a groundwater sustainability plan shall include, where appropriate and in collaboration with the appropriate local agencies, all of the following:


Control of saline water intrusion.


Wellhead protection areas and recharge areas.


Migration of contaminated groundwater.


A well abandonment and well destruction program.


Replenishment of groundwater extractions.


Activities implementing, opportunities for, and removing impediments to, conjunctive use or underground storage.


Well construction policies.


Measures addressing groundwater contamination cleanup, groundwater recharge, in-lieu use, diversions to storage, conservation, water recycling, conveyance, and extraction projects.


Efficient water management practices, as defined in Section 10902, for the delivery of water and water conservation methods to improve the efficiency of water use.


Efforts to develop relationships with state and federal regulatory agencies.


Processes to review land use plans and efforts to coordinate with land use planning agencies to assess activities that potentially create risks to groundwater quality or quantity.


Impacts on groundwater dependent ecosystems.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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