CA Water Code Section 10608.28


An urban retail water supplier may meet its urban water use target within its retail service area, or through mutual agreement, by any of the following:


Through an urban wholesale water supplier.


Through a regional agency authorized to plan and implement water conservation, including, but not limited to, an agency established under the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency Act (Division 31 (commencing with Section 81300)).


Through a regional water management group as defined in Section 10537.


By an integrated regional water management funding area.


By hydrologic region.


Through other appropriate geographic scales for which computation methods have been developed by the department.


A regional water management group, with the written consent of its member agencies, may undertake any or all planning, reporting, and implementation functions under this chapter for the member agencies that consent to those activities. Any data or reports shall provide information both for the regional water management group and separately for each consenting urban retail water supplier and urban wholesale water supplier.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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