CA Veh Code Section 34630


A motor carrier permit shall not be granted to any motor carrier of property until there is filed with the department proof of financial responsibility in the form of a currently effective certificate of insurance, issued by a company licensed to write that insurance in this state or by a nonadmitted insurer subject to Section 1763 of the Insurance Code, if the policy represented by the certificate meets the minimum insurance requirements contained in Section 34631.5. The certificate of insurance or surety bond shall provide coverage with respect to the operation, maintenance, or use of any vehicle for which a permit is required, although the vehicle may not be specifically described in the policy, or a bond of surety issued by a company licensed to write surety bonds in this state, or written evidence of self-insurance by providing the self-insured number granted by the department on a form approved by the department.


Proof of financial responsibility shall be continued in effect during the active life of the motor carrier permit. The certificate of insurance shall not be cancelable on less than 30 days’ written notice from the insurer to the department except in the event of cessation of operations as a permitted motor carrier of property.


Whenever the department determines or is notified that the certificate of insurance or surety bond of a motor carrier of property will lapse or be terminated, the department shall suspend the carrier’s permit effective on the date of lapse or termination unless the carrier provides evidence of valid insurance coverage pursuant to subdivision (a).


If the carrier’s permit is suspended, the carrier shall pay a reinstatement fee as set forth in Section 34623.5, and prior to conducting on-highway operations, present proof of financial responsibility pursuant to subdivision (a) in order to have the permit reinstated.


If the evidence provided by the carrier of valid insurance coverage pursuant to subdivision (a) demonstrates that a lapse in coverage for the carrier’s operation did not occur, the reinstatement fee shall be waived.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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