California Vehicle Code
Sec. § 34501.14


Notwithstanding Section 34501.12, for purposes of this division, safety inspections of grape gondolas are governed by this section.


Every registered owner of a grape gondola shall submit an application and the fee specified in subdivision (g) to the department for the initial inspection required by this section. The initial application shall be submitted on or before July 1, 1993. The inspection term for a grape gondola shall expire 25 months from the date the department conducts the inspection, and issues a certificate indicating the gondola has passed the inspection, and every 25 months thereafter. Applications and fees for subsequent inspections and certificates shall be submitted not later than seven months before the expiration of the then current inspection term. If the registered owner has submitted the inspection application and the required accompanying fees, but the department is unable to complete the inspection within the 25-month inspection period, then no additional fee shall be required for the inspection requested in the original application.


On and after July 1, 1993, no person may operate any grape gondola without having submitted an inspection application and the required fees to the department as required by this section.


On and after January 1, 1995, no person may operate any grape gondola, without the inspection described in subdivision (e) having been performed and a certificate having been issued to the owner.


The safety inspection undertaken pursuant to this section shall be limited to an inspection of the brake system, steering, lights, connections, wheels and tires, frame, and suspension.


For purposes of undertaking the inspection of grape gondolas under this section, the department shall schedule all inspections at one central location during a continuous eight-week period every odd-numbered year with at least two days of each week during that eight-week period devoted to the actual inspection. If the gondola does not pass its first inspection, it may be reinspected during the eight-week period at no additional cost.


Fees shall be established by the department in an amount equal to the actual costs incurred by the department in carrying out this section, but not to exceed twenty-five dollars ($25) for each inspection or reinspection.


As used in this section, grape gondola means a motor vehicle which has been permanently altered and is attached to a grape tank by two means. The first mean is by use of a kingpin on the trunk which is centered through a turntable assembly on the tank. The second means of attachment is through the use of a pair of horizontal crossarms between the drive axle and the rear tank axle. The tank is designed to pivot off of the chassis on two support arms during dumping, and is further designed to be specifically compatible with dumping facilities of the wineries.


This section only applies to a grape gondola that is used under all of the following conditions:


For 60 days or less during any calendar year.


For not more than 500 miles in any calendar year.


Only for the transportation of grapes.
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