CA Veh Code Section 3067


The decision of the board shall be in writing and shall contain findings of fact and a determination of the issues presented. The decision shall sustain, conditionally sustain, overrule, or conditionally overrule the protest. Conditions imposed by the board shall be for the purpose of assuring performance of binding contractual agreements between franchisees and franchisors or otherwise serving the purposes of this article. If the board fails to act within 30 days after the hearing, within 30 days after the board receives a proposed decision when the case is heard before an administrative law judge alone, or within a period necessitated by Section 11517 of the Government Code, or as may be mutually agreed upon by the parties, then the proposed action shall be deemed to be approved. Copies of the board’s decision shall be delivered to the parties personally or sent to them by certified mail, as well as to all individuals and groups that have requested notification by the board of protests and decisions by the board. The board’s decision shall be final upon its delivery or mailing and a reconsideration or rehearing is not permitted.


Notwithstanding subdivision (c) of Section 11517 of the Government Code, if a protest is heard by an administrative law judge alone, 10 days after receipt by the board of the administrative law judge’s proposed decision, a copy of the proposed decision shall be filed by the board as a public record and a copy shall be served by the board on each party and his or her attorney.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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