CA Veh Code Section 13378


Any applicant for, or holder of, a tow truck driver certificate who has received a notice of refusal or revocation, may submit to the department, within 15 days after the mailing of the notice, a written request for a hearing. Failure to request a hearing, in writing, within 15 days is a waiver of the right to a hearing.


Upon receipt by the department of the hearing request, the department may stay the action until a hearing is conducted and the final decision is made by the hearing officer. The department shall not stay the action when there is reasonable cause to believe that the stay would pose a threat to a member of the motoring public who may require the services of the tow truck driver in question.


An applicant for, or a holder of, a tow truck driver certificate, whose certificate has been refused or revoked, is not entitled to a hearing whenever the action by the department is made mandatory by this article or any other applicable law or regulation.


Upon receipt of a request for a hearing, and when the requesting party is entitled to a hearing under this article, the department shall appoint a hearing officer to conduct a hearing in accordance with Section 14112.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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