CA Veh Code Section 12804.15


Notwithstanding Section 362, for purposes of this section “house car” means a vehicle described in subdivision (b) of Section 12804.10.


(1)Except as provided under paragraph (2), no person may operate a house car unless that person has in his or her possession a valid driver’s license of the appropriate class and an endorsement thereto issued by the department to permit operation of the house car.


A nonresident may not operate a house car in this state unless that person is in possession of an out-of-state driver’s license authorizing the operation of that vehicle.


An endorsement to drive a house car may be issued only if the applicant meets all of the following conditions:


The applicant successfully completes an examination prescribed by the department to determine qualification for the endorsement.


Upon initial application and every two years thereafter, the applicant submits medical information on a form approved by the department to verify that the person meets the minimum medical requirements established by the department for operation of a house car.


Upon application for issuance of an original driver’s license or renewal driver’s license pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 12804.10, there shall be paid to the department a fee of thirty-four dollars ($34) for a license that will expire on the applicant’s fifth birthday following the date of the application.


The department may deny, suspend, or revoke an endorsement to drive a house car when the applicant does not meet any requirement for the issuance or retention of the endorsement.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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