CA Veh Code Section 12800

Each application for an original or a renewal of a driver’s license shall contain all of the following information:


The applicant’s true full name, age, sex, mailing address, residence address, and, except as provided in Section 12801, social security account number.


A brief description of the applicant for the purpose of identification.


A legible print of the thumb or finger of the applicant.


The type of motor vehicle or combination of vehicles the applicant desires to operate.


Whether the applicant has ever previously been licensed as a driver and, if so, when and in what state or country and whether or not the license has been suspended or revoked and, if so, the date of and reason for the suspension or revocation.


Whether the applicant has ever previously been refused a driver’s license in this state and, if so, the date of and the reason for the refusal.


Whether the applicant, within the last three years, has experienced, on one or more occasions, either a lapse of consciousness or an episode of marked confusion caused by a condition that may bring about recurrent lapses, or whether the applicant has a disease, disorder, or disability that affects his or her ability to exercise reasonable and ordinary control in operating a motor vehicle upon a highway.


Whether the applicant understands traffic signs and signals.


Whether the applicant has ever previously been issued an identification card by the department.


Any other information that is necessary to enable the department to determine whether the applicant is entitled to a license under this code.


This section shall become operative on January 1, 2015, or on the date that the director executes a declaration pursuant to Section 12801.11, whichever is sooner.


This section shall become inoperative on the effective date of a final judicial determination made by any court of appellate jurisdiction that any provision of the act that added this section, or its application, either in whole or in part, is enjoined, found unconstitutional, or held invalid for any reason. The department shall post this information on its Internet Web site.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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