CA Veh Code Section 11902


The department shall issue a representative’s license when it finds and determines that the applicant has furnished the required information, and that the applicant intends in good faith to act as a representative and has paid the fees required by Sections 9262 and 11723.


The department may refuse to issue, or may suspend or revoke, a license for any of the following reasons:


The information in the application is incorrect.


The applicant or licensee has been convicted of a crime or committed any act or engaged in any conduct involving moral turpitude which is substantially related to the qualifications, functions, or duties of the licensed activity. A conviction after a plea of nolo contendere is a conviction within the meaning of this section.


The applicant or licensee has outstanding an unpaid final court judgment rendered in connection with an activity licensed under this chapter.


The applicant or licensee was previously the holder of, or was a business representative of a business which was the holder of, a license and certificate issued under this chapter which were revoked for cause and not reissued by the department or which were suspended for cause and the terms of suspension have not been fulfilled.


The applicant was previously the holder of an occupational license issued by another state, authorizing the same or similar activities of a license issued under this division; and that license was revoked or suspended for cause and was never reissued, or was suspended for cause, and the terms of suspension have not been fulfilled.


The applicant or licensee has committed any act prohibited by Section 11713.2 or 11713.3.


Pending the determination of the department that the applicant has met the requirements of this chapter, it may issue a temporary permit to any person applying for a representative’s license. The temporary permit shall permit the operation by the representative for a period not to exceed 120 days while the department is completing its investigation and determination of all facts relative to the qualifications of the applicant for a license. The temporary permit is invalid after the applicant’s license has been issued or refused.


The department may issue a probationary representative’s license based upon the existence of any circumstance set forth in subdivision (b), subject to conditions to be observed in the exercise of the privilege granted, either upon application for the issuance of a license or upon application for the renewal of a license. The conditions to be attached to the exercise of the privilege shall not appear on the face of the license but shall be those which, in the judgment of the department, are in the public interest and suitable to the qualifications of the applicant as disclosed by the application and investigation by the department of the information contained therein.
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