CA Veh Code Section 11723

The board may require that fees shall be paid to the department for the issuance or renewal of a license to do business as a new motor vehicle dealer, dealer branch, manufacturer, manufacturer branch, distributor, distributor branch, or representative. The fees shall be to reimburse the department for costs incurred in licensing those dealers, manufacturers, distributors, branches, and representatives and for related administrative costs incurred on behalf of the board. The board may also require that an additional fee be paid to the department when the licensee has failed to pay the fee authorized by Section 3016 prior to the expiration of its occupational license and special plates and the licensee utilizes the 30-day late renewal period authorized by subdivision (c) of Section 11717. This section shall not apply to dealers, manufacturers, distributors, or representatives of vehicles not subject to registration under this code, except dealers, manufacturers, manufacturer branches, distributors, distributor branches, or representatives of, off-highway motorcycles, as defined in Section 436, all-terrain vehicles, as defined in Section 111, and trailers subject to identification pursuant to Section 5014.1.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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