CA Veh Code Section 11709.3


Every dealer shall clearly and conspicuously display in its showroom at its established place of business, in a place that is easily accessible to prospective purchasers, a clear and conspicuous listing of each vehicle that the dealer has advertised for sale if the vehicle meets all of the following requirements:


The vehicle is advertised for sale in a newspaper or other publication of general circulation, or in any other advertising medium that is disseminated to the public generally, including, but not limited to, radio, television, or the Internet.


The vehicle is advertised at a specific price and is required pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 11713.1 to be identified in the advertisement by its vehicle identification number or license number.


The vehicle has not been sold or leased during the time that the advertised price is valid.


The vehicle does not clearly and conspicuously have displayed on or in it the advertised price.


The listing required by subdivision (a) may be satisfied by clearly and conspicuously posting in the showroom a complete copy of any print advertisement that includes vehicles currently advertised for sale or by clearly and conspicuously displaying in the showroom a list of currently advertised vehicles described by make, model, model-year, vehicle identification number, or license number, and the advertised price.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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