CA Veh Code Section 11105


The department shall issue a license certificate to each driving school owner and to each driving school operator when it is satisfied that the owner has met the qualifications required under this chapter. The license shall be for a period of one year from midnight of the last day of the month of issuance unless canceled, suspended, or revoked by the department.


The license shall be renewed annually. The department shall require all of the following for the renewal of the license:


Compliance with the provisions of Sections 11102 and 11105.2 for renewal of a driving school owner’s license or Section 11102.5, except paragraph (2) of subdivision (a) of Section 11102.5, for renewal of a driving school operator’s license.


Satisfactory completion of an examination as provided in Section 11102.5 at least once during each succeeding three-year period after the initial issuance of a license certificate. In lieu of any examination for renewal of the license, the department may accept submission by the licensee of evidence of continuing professional education. Professional education, as used in this subdivision, means satisfactory completion of courses related to traffic safety, teaching techniques, or the teaching of driver instruction acceptable to the department or participation in professional seminars approved by the department.


The department may issue a probationary license and certificate subject to conditions to be observed by the licensee in the exercise of the privilege granted. The conditions to be attached to the exercise of the privilege shall not appear on the face of the license or certificate but shall be such as may, in the judgment of the department, be in the public interest and suitable to the qualifications of the applicant as disclosed by the application and investigation by the department of the information contained therein.


Upon notification of death of a driving school licensee the department may issue a certificate of convenience to the executor, executrix, administrator or administratrix of the estate of a deceased holder of a validly outstanding certificate to conduct a driving school, or if no executor, executrix, administrator or administratrix has been appointed, and until a certified copy of an order making such appointment is filed with the department, to the surviving spouse or other heir otherwise entitled to conduct the business of the deceased, permitting such person to conduct the driving school for a period of one year from and after the date of death, and necessary one-year renewals thereafter pending, but not later than, disposal of the business and qualification of the vendee of the business or such surviving spouse or heir for a license certificate to conduct a driving school under the provisions of this division. The department may restrict or condition the certificate and attach to the exercise of the privilege thereunder such terms and conditions as in its judgment the protection of the public requires.


The department shall not issue or renew a license certificate unless it determines that the driving school owner has complied with Section 11103.2.
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