CA Unemp Ins Code Section 802


The State of California, any other public entity (as defined by Section 605), or any Indian tribe as described by Section 3306(u) of Title 26 of the United States Code, or any subdivision, subsidiary, or business enterprise wholly owned by that Indian tribe, for which services are performed that do constitute employment under Section 605 may, in lieu of the contributions required of employers, elect to finance its liability for unemployment compensation benefits, extended duration benefits, and federal-state extended benefits with respect to those services by any method of financing coverage that is permitted under Section 803.


An election under Section 803 for financing coverage under this section shall take effect with respect to services performed from and after the first day of the calendar quarter in which the election is filed with the director, and shall continue in effect for not less than two full calendar years, unless the election is canceled by the director pursuant to paragraph (2) of subdivision (g) of Section 803. Thereafter the election under Section 803 may be terminated as of January 1 of any calendar year only if the state or other public entity or Indian tribe, on or before the 31st day of January of that year, has filed with the director a written application for termination. The director may for good cause waive the requirement that a written application for termination shall be filed on or before the 31st day of January. Financing coverage by an election under Section 803 is not valid if it would establish any different method of financing coverage for any calendar quarter where an election for coverage has also been made by the state or other public entity or Indian tribe under any provision of Article 4 (commencing with Section 701) of this chapter.


The director may require from the state and other public entity and Indian tribe, including an agent thereof, employment, financial, statistical, or other information and reports, properly verified, as may be deemed necessary by the director to carry out his or her duties under this division, which shall be filed with the director at the time and in the manner prescribed by him or her.


The director may tabulate and publish information obtained pursuant to this section in statistical form and may divulge the name of the state or other public entity or Indian tribe.


The state and other public entity and Indian tribe, including an agent thereof, shall keep any work records as may be prescribed by the director for the proper administration of this division.


Except as inconsistent with the provisions of this section, the provisions of this division and authorized regulations apply to any matter arising pursuant to this section.
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