CA Unemp Ins Code Section 704.2

For purposes of Sections 704 and 704.1:


“Normally and continuously engaged in a regular trade, business, or occupation” means both of the following:


Regularly performing services and engaging in an uninterrupted pattern of work that is customary for the individual’s trade, business, or occupation.


In the case of a self-employed individual or individual who is an employer is in a trade, business, or occupation that requires a valid and active license, that individual has been issued that license. An individual operating a business without a required license shall not be considered normally engaged in a trade, business, or occupation.


“Seasonal in its operations” means any of the following:


The trade, business, or occupation is not continuous or carried on throughout the year.


The operation of the trade, business, or occupation is temporarily or intermittently suspended for regularly recurring periods of time.


The performance of services in the trade, business, or occupation is regularly suspended due to weather, climate, or other conditions.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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