California Streets and Highways Code
Sec. § 9523

The resolution referred to in Section 9520 shall direct a qualified person retained or employed pursuant to Section 9506 to prepare and file with the city clerk a report containing the following:


A schedule setting forth the unpaid principal and interest on the bonds to be refunded and the total amounts thereof.


The total estimated principal amount of the reassessment and of the refunding bonds and the maximum interest rate thereon, together with an estimate of cost of the reassessment and of issuing the refunding bonds, including all costs of issuing the refunding bonds, as defined by subdivision (a) of Section 9600.


The auditor’s record kept pursuant to Section 8682 showing the schedule of principal installments and interest on all unpaid original assessments and the total amounts thereof.


The estimated amount of each reassessment, identified by reassessment number corresponding to the reassessment number on the reassessment diagram, together with a proposed auditor’s record for the reassessment prepared in the manner described in Section 8682.


A reassessment diagram showing the assessment district and the boundaries and dimensions of the subdivisions of land within the district. Each subdivision, including each separate condominium interest as defined in Section 783 of the Civil Code, shall be given a separate number upon the diagram.
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