California Streets and Highways Code
Sec. § 881

Contracts may be entered into between the department and the State Park and Recreation Commission for those acquisitions and transfers specified in Section 880, which contracts shall provide for the payment into the State Highway Account of the entire cost of such acquisition from any appropriation made to the State Park and Recreation Commission for acquisition of beaches or parks.
Nothing in this chapter shall be deemed a limitation on the authority granted to the department under any other provision of this code, or under other law, to acquire property for highway purposes, including beach and shore line property, and nothing in this chapter shall require the department or the California Transportation Commission to acquire for, or to transfer to, the State Park and Recreation Commission any property required for state highway purposes, or to acquire any property for state park system purposes, when, in the opinion of the California Transportation Commission, the acquisition of such property is not practicable or in the public interest.
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