CA Sts & High Code Section 6467

In the event there are unpaid assessments levied against public property which are payable as provided in Section 5302.5 of this code, the treasurer shall, simultaneously with the issuance of bonds, if bonds are to be issued in the proceedings, issue certificates representing assessments against public property. A separate certificate shall be issued to represent each assessment against public property. The certificates will provide for payment thereof as provided in Section 5302.5, and each certificate shall read substantially as follows: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA State of CaliforniaCounty of ________ (assessment & diagram nbr.) (amount) ________ ________ certificate of ownership of assessment against public property Pursuant to the provisions of Sections 5301 and 5302.5 of Division 7, Part 3, Chapter 13 of the Streets and Highways Code of the State of California, (Improvement Act of 1911), and pursuant to proceedings taken by the ____ of the ____, county of ____, State of California, under the provisions of Division ____, of the Streets and Highways Code, the undersigned treasurer of ____ does hereby certify as follows: 1.The ____ of ____ by Resolution of Intention No. ____, passed on the ____ day of ____, 19__, and proceedings subsequent thereto, levied an assessment against property owned by ____ in the sum of ____ dollars ($____). 2.Said assessment was levied on the ____ day of ____, 19__; notice thereof was recorded in the office of the County Recorder of the County of ____, on the ____ day of ____, 19__. 3.Said assessment was levied in an assessment district known and described as “____.” 4.The assessment number of said property, as shown on the assessment diagram and in the assessment roll is No. ____, and the property designated as assessment number ____ and which belongs to ____ is described as follows: (insert description) 5.Said assessment is payable in not more than ____ (_) annual installments, the first installment of which shall be June 2, 19__, and the last of which will be payable June 2, 19__. Said installments will be in even annual proportions of the whole amount. Payments of principal shall be represented by coupons attached to said certificate. 6.Interest will accrue upon said unpaid amount from the ____ day of ____, 19__, at the rate of ____ percent per annum until the whole of the principal and interest thereon shall have been paid in full. The interest is payable semiannually, by coupon, on the second day of December and June, respectively, of each year a principal payment coupon matures. 7.The officer or board whose duty it is to levy taxes on behalf of the owner of said property hereinabove described, is obligated to include in the next tax levy an amount, in addition to moneys for all other purposes, sufficient to pay ____ (____) or more of the principal of said assessment with interest on the unpaid principal of the assessment to date of payment and is obligated to include in each succeeding tax levy a like ____ (____) amount or more in addition to moneys for all other purposes until the principal of said assessment and all interest on the unpaid portions thereof shall be paid. Said tax levy shall be made notwithstanding that said tax levy exceeds the maximum tax rate that may otherwise be imposed by law. 8.In the event that the officer or board whose duty it is to levy taxes fails to provide for a tax levy to pay and discharge the principal of the assessment and the interest thereon, the owner of this certificate may compel the levy thereof in the manner hereinabove set forth by writ of mandate. No statute of limitations shall bar any right provided for herein to enforce the collection of this assessment and any interest due thereon until four years after the maturity of the last coupon of principal and interest due on this certificate. 9.The owner of this certificate described herein may use mandamus or other appropriate remedy to compel the officer or board whose duty it is to levy taxes for said obligated owner to levy an amount in a given year equal to ____ (____) of said assessment and interest on the unpaid portion thereof and may continue to use mandamus or other remedy to cause a like ____ (____) amount and interest to be levied each year until the whole of said assessment and all interest due has been paid. 10.If an owner of this certificate is successful in any action to compel the levy of a tax under this certificate he shall be awarded reasonable attorneys’ fees as fixed by the court and costs and said attorneys’ fees and costs shall be included in the tax levied to pay the same. 11.This certificate together with interest is payable to bearer at the office of the ____ treasurer of the ____ of ____ upon presentation of the coupons representing principal and interest thereon. Upon payment in full it shall be surrendered to the ____ treasurer for cancellation. In witness whereof, said ____ has caused this certificate to be signed by its treasurer and has caused its clerk to affix thereto its corporate seal all on the ____ day of ____, 19__. Treasurer
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