CA Sts & High Code Section 6460

Form of bond. The bond shall be substantially in the following form: Improvement Bond Series (designating it), in the City (or County) of (naming it) Under and by virtue of the Improvement Act of 1911 (Part 5 of Division 7 of the Streets and Highways Code), I, out of the fund for the above designated improvement bonds, series ____, will pay to ____ or order, the sum of ____ dollars ($____) with interest at the rate of ____ percent per annum, all as is hereinafter specified, and at the office of the Treasurer of the ____ of ____, State of California. This bond is issued to represent the cost of certain work upon ____, in the ____ of ____, as the same is more fully described in assessment number ____ issued by the street superintendent of said ____, after the acceptance of said work, and recorded in his office. Its amount is the amount assessed in said assessment against the lot or parcel of land numbered therein, and in the diagram attached thereto, as number ____, and which now remains unpaid, and constitutes a lien upon the property affected thereby, as the same is described herein and in said recorded assessment with its diagram, to wit: the lot or parcel of land in said ____ of ____, County of ____, State of California. This bond is payable exclusively from said fund, and neither the (here insert city or county) nor any officer thereof is to be holden for payment otherwise of its principal or interest. The term of this bond is ____ years from the second day of January next succeeding the next September 1st following its date, and at the expiration of said time the whole sum then unpaid shall be due and payable; but on the second day of January of each year, following the next September 1st after its date, an even annual proportion of its whole amount is due and payable, upon presentation of the coupon therefor, until the whole is paid, with all accrued interest at the rate of ____ per centum per annum. The interest is payable semiannually, to wit: on the second days of January and of July in each year hereafter, upon presentation of the coupons therefor, hereto attached, the first of which is for the interest to the next second day of ____, and thereafter the interest coupons are for semiannual interest. This bond may be redeemed by the owner or any person interested in any lot or parcel of land described herein, in the manner provided in said code, at any time before maturity, and before commencement of proceedings for sale, upon payment to the treasurer, for the holder of this bond, of the amount then unpaid on the principal sum thereof, with interest thereon (if not previously paid) up to the next succeeding January 2 or July 2, as the case may be, at the rate named in the bond, and all penalties accrued and unpaid. Should default be made in the annual payment upon the principal, or in any payment of interest from the owner of said lot or parcel of land, or anyone in his behalf, the holder of this bond is entitled on or after the second day of January or July, as the case may be, following such default to declare the whole unpaid amount to be due and payable, and to have said lot or parcel of land advertised and sold forthwith, in the manner provided by law; provided, however, that any bond may be reinstated after such default in the manner provided in said code. In case of such default there shall be immediately added to such defaulted amount, 2 percent of the amount thereof, and on the first day of each month following such default there shall be added a further penalty of 2 percent of such defaulted amount. The 2 percent penalty first imposed and all subsequent penalties shall be paid to the holder of the bond along with and as a part of such defaulted payment. At said ____ of ____, this ____ day of ____, in the year one thousand nine hundred and ____. Treasurer of the ____ of ____.
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