CA Sts & High Code Section 5898.22

The report shall contain all of the following:


A map showing the boundaries of the territory within which voluntary contractual assessments are proposed to be offered.


A draft contract specifying the terms and conditions that would be agreed to by a property owner within the voluntary contractual assessment area and the public agency.


A statement of public agency policies concerning voluntary contractual assessments including all of the following:


Identification of types of facilities, distributed generation renewable energy sources, or energy or water efficiency improvements that may be financed through the use of contractual assessments.


Identification of a public agency official authorized to enter into voluntary contractual assessments on behalf of the public agency.


A maximum aggregate dollar amount of voluntary contractual assessments.


A method for setting requests from property owners for financing through voluntary contractual assessments in priority order in the event that requests appear likely to exceed the authorization amount.


A plan for raising a capital amount required to pay for work performed pursuant to voluntary contractual assessments. The plan may include amounts to be advanced by the public agency through funds available to it from any source. The plan may include the sale of a bond or bonds or other financing relationship pursuant to Section 5898.28. The plan shall include a statement of or method for determining the interest rate and time period during which contracting property owners would pay any assessment. The plan shall provide for any reserve fund or funds. The plan shall provide for the apportionment of all or any portion of the costs incidental to financing, administration, and collection of the voluntary contractual assessment program among the consenting property owners and the public agency.


A report on the results of the consultations with the county auditor’s office or county controller’s office concerning the additional fees, if any, that will be charged to the city or county for incorporating the proposed voluntary contractual assessments into the assessments of the general taxes of the city or county on real property, and a plan for financing the payment of those fees.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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