CA Sts & High Code Section 35414

The ordinance, resolution, or indenture providing for the issuance of the bonds may also provide for the levy each year, if so provided in the petition and in the resolution of intention, of an ad valorem assessment on all taxable real property in the district, to the extent to which revenues from the parking lots and from parking meters pledged to the payment of principal and interest of the bonds have been or are expected to be insufficient in any year to pay the principal and interest or to the extent to which any reserve fund established for said bonds has been or will be used to pay such interest and principal. The rate of ad valorem assessment shall be fixed by the legislative body each year in accordance with the provision. The ad valorem assessment shall not exceed the limits stated in the resolution of intention. The assessment shall be levied, collected, and enforced in the same manner, at the same times, and with the same penalties and interest, as in the case of taxes levied for the city.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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