CA Sts & High Code Section 35258

Upon the filing of the report, the legislative body may adopt a resolution declaring its intention to form a parking district. The resolution shall contain substantially the following:


The name of the proposed district.


A description of its boundaries. This description may be general only and may refer to a map on file in the office of the clerk of the legislative body, which map shall show the boundaries of the proposed district and shall govern for all its details.


A general description of the acquisitions and improvements proposed by the petition. This description may be in general terms and may refer to a map, plan, or sketch on file in the office of the clerk for a further description of what is proposed to be done.


The estimates of costs, expenses, and revenues, and the assessed value of real property in the proposed district, as set forth in the report.


The amount to be contributed by the city as proposed by the petition and agreed to by the legislative body.


An estimate of the amount of the bonds proposed to be issued, the maximum number of years the bonds are to run, and the maximum rate of interest to be payable thereon not in excess of 7 percent a year.


The limits, as stated in the petition, as to time and rate upon any ad valorem assessments which may be levied upon taxable real property in the district for the purposes permitted by this part.


A general statement of the public ways within the district on which the city, as proposed by the petition, will install and maintain, or continue to maintain parking meters, the net revenues from which will be allocated and pledged to any of the purposes specified in this part, and the period of time, measured from the date of the bonds, for which the city will agree to maintain the meters. If it is proposed that only a portion of the net revenues be so allocated and pledged, that portion shall be generally defined.


The time and place for two hearings on the proposed formation of the district and the time within which and the place where protests may be filed.


The resolution shall make reference to the report on file in the office of the clerk.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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