CA Sts & High Code Section 35108

In addition to matters specified elsewhere in this part, the acts authorized under this part include the following:


The formation of districts.


The acquisition of land, property, and rights of way necessary or convenient for use as public parking places for the parking of motor vehicles and for the opening, widening, straightening, or extending of streets, alleys, lanes, or walks necessary or convenient for ingress to or egress from any parking place.


The improvement of any acquired land by the construction thereon of garages or other buildings or improvements of any kind or nature necessary or convenient for parking purposes.


The improvement by grading, paving, draining, lighting, or otherwise of any parking place and any streets, alleys, lanes, or walks necessary or convenient for ingress to and egress from parking places.


The issuance, sale, and payment of bonds for any or all of the foregoing purposes, and the levy and collection of ad valorem assessments upon real property within the district for the payment of all or a portion of the principal and interest of the bonds.


The administration, maintenance, and operation of parking places acquired under this part.


The fixing and collection of rentals, fees, and charges for the use of parking places and the use of moneys derived from the rentals, fees, and charges.


The contribution by cities of money for the acquisition and improvement of the public parking places and public ways for ingress to and egress therefrom; the allocation and pledge of any revenues of the city derived from parking meters on public ways within the district to any of the purposes specified in this part, and the making of covenants and agreements with the bondholders to install and maintain such meters.


The employment of engineers, attorneys, and other persons necessary or convenient for the doing of any act authorized by this part.


The acquisition of property by gift, purchase, or eminent domain. Any conveyance of property or right of way as a gift may be conditional upon the use of the property for the purpose for which it is conveyed, or property may be conveyed to the city in trust for a particular use or uses and the conveyance may provide that upon the cessation or abandonment of such use or uses the property shall be reconveyed to the donor or to his or its successors or assigns. Any property acquired by condemnation or otherwise may be acquired in fee simple.


The doing of all acts and things necessary or convenient for the accomplishment of the purposes of this part. The enumeration of specific authority in this part does not limit in any way the general authority granted by this subdivision.


Any bonds issued pursuant to this part, and the interest on them, may be payable from gross or net revenues from the operation of the parking place or places acquired or improved with the bond proceeds, and may also be payable from all or part of the net revenues from parking meters on some or all of the public ways in the district. To the extent permitted by the provisions of this part, the bonds may also be payable from ad valorem assessments levied upon real property in the district within the limits provided in this part. Neither the city nor any of its officers shall be held otherwise liable for the payment of the principal and interest.
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