CA Sts & High Code Section 2905

Notwithstanding anything in this division, if the legislative body conducting the proceedings, after the report or reports provided for in this division have been filed and considered and prior to the adoption of the ordinance or resolution ordering the acquisition or improvement, finds by a four-fifths vote of all members thereof entered upon its minutes that the proposed project is feasible and that the lands to be assessed will be able to carry the burden of such proposed assessment, the limitations on the amounts of assessments provided for in this part may be disregarded, both with respect to the limitation on the district as a whole and as to the limitation on individual specific assessments. If the legislative body makes such a finding none of the limitations upon the amounts of assessments contained in this division shall thereafter apply to any assessment or assessment proceedings thereafter had or taken. However, if at the hearing on the report protests in writing are filed as provided in Section 2856 by the owners (as defined in the law under which the acquisition or improvement proceedings are to be taken) of a majority in area of the lands to be assessed, such limitations shall not be exceeded except as to proceedings had under Section 2932. A finding and determination by the legislative body that the limitation on assessments herein provided may be disregarded shall be final and conclusive upon all persons in the absence of actual fraud.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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