CA Rev & Tax Code Section 96.3


For the 1983–84 and 1984–85 fiscal years, no local agency shall impose a property tax rate pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 93 for other than bonded indebtedness that is in excess of the rate, if any, imposed in the 1982–83 fiscal year or imposed for the 1983–84 fiscal year pursuant to a budget resolution adopted on or before July 1, 1983, that contemplated the levy of an additional property tax rate for pension system costs, whichever rate is higher, for other than bonded indebtedness. This section shall be deemed to be a maximum tax rate pursuant to Section 20 of Article XIII of the California Constitution.


If a local agency imposes a rate in excess of the maximum rate authorized by subdivision (a), the amount of property tax allocated to that local agency pursuant to this chapter shall be reduced by one dollar ($1) for each one dollar ($1) of property tax revenue attributable to the excess rate.


Any property tax revenue that has been subtracted from a local agency’s allocation pursuant to subdivision (b) shall be allocated to elementary, high school, and unified school districts within the agency’s jurisdiction in proportion to the average daily attendance of each of those districts.


As used in this section, “bonded indebtedness” means any bond obligation of a local government which was approved by the voters of such jurisdiction prior to July 1, 1978.
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