CA Rev & Tax Code Section 7081

The Legislature finds and declares that taxes are the most sensitive point of contact between citizens and their government, and that there is a delicate balance between revenue collection and freedom from government oppression. It is the intent of the Legislature to place guarantees in California law to ensure that the rights, privacy, and property of California taxpayers are adequately protected during the process of the assessment and collection of taxes. The Legislature further finds that the California tax system is based largely on voluntary compliance, and the development of understandable tax laws and taxpayers informed of those laws will improve both voluntary compliance and the relationship between taxpayers and government. It is the further intent of the Legislature to promote improved voluntary taxpayer compliance by improving the clarity of tax laws and efforts to inform the public of the proper application of those laws. The Legislature further finds and declares that the purpose of any tax proceeding between the State Board of Equalization and a taxpayer is the determination of the taxpayer’s correct amount of tax liability. It is the intent of the Legislature that, in furtherance of this purpose, the State Board of Equalization may inquire into, and shall allow the taxpayer every opportunity to present, all relevant information pertaining to the taxpayer’s liability.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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