CA Rev & Tax Code Section 6071.1


A permitholder who fails to surrender a seller’s permit upon transfer of a business shall be liable for any tax, interest, and penalty incurred by the transferee if the permitholder has actual or constructive knowledge that the transferee is using the permit in any manner. The predecessor’s liability shall be limited to the quarter in which the business is transferred, and the three subsequent quarters.


The limitation on liability provided for in subdivision (a) shall not apply in cases where, after the transfer, 80 percent or more of the real or ultimate ownership of the business transferred is held by the predecessor.


For purposes of this section, stockholders, bondholders, partners, or other persons holding an ownership interest in a corporation or other entity shall be regarded as having the “real or ultimate ownership” of the property of the corporation or other entity.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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