CA Rev & Tax Code Section 6011.1


Notwithstanding Section 6011, “sales price” from the sale of tangible personal property by consumer cooperatives, as defined in subdivision (b), shall not include the value of initial or periodic membership fees and the value of labor performed in lieu of, or as part of, monthly membership fees; provided, the exclusion authorized by this section shall not be interpreted to permit consumer cooperatives to exclude from “sales price” the cost of the property sold.


As used in this section, consumer cooperative means a corporation or group of persons composed of ultimate producers or consumers, or both, organized for the purpose of conducting any lawful business primarily for the mutual benefit of its shareholders who may be natural or legal persons, and the earnings, savings, or benefits of which are used for the general welfare of the shareholders or patrons or are distributed in the form of cash, stock, evidences of indebtedness, goods, or services, proportionately and equitably among the persons for which it does business upon the basis of the amount of their transactions or participation in production, or both. However, any such corporation may pay out of its net surplus earnings, savings, or benefits, not to exceed 5 percent interest upon its capital stock.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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