CA Rev & Tax Code Section 5096.8


In the case where a reduction in a base year value of real property results in a supplemental assessment for the value of the reduction being levied and charged to a subsequent owner of that property, that portion of any refund, due and owing to a former owner of that property, in the amount of the taxes on the reduction in base value after the former owner sold or transferred ownership of the property, shall be applied to satisfy that supplemental assessment.


Any person claiming a refund due to a reduction in base year value shall certify under penalty of perjury whether he or she has sold or transferred ownership of the property to any other person, and if so, the date of sale or transfer.


This section shall not apply in any county unless the board of supervisors adopts a resolution by majority vote to make the provisions of this section applicable in the county.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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