Section 50159


The board shall provide any information obtained under this part to the State Water Resources Control Board, including any information regarding underground storage tanks containing petroleum.


The State Water Resources Control Board and the board may utilize any information obtained pursuant to this part to develop data on underground storage tanks containing petroleum within the state. Notwithstanding Section 50161, the State Water Resources Control Board may make this underground storage tank data available to the public.


The board may disclose otherwise confidential information obtained from the lessee or operator of an underground storage tank, or from the person who sold or provided petroleum to the lessee or operator of the underground storage tank, only to the fee payer and only to the extent that this information is necessary for assessment, administration, and verification of the underground storage tank fee.


Original source: https://­leginfo.­legislature.­ca.­gov/­faces/­codes_displaySection.­xhtml?lawCode=RTC&sectionNum=50159.­ External link icon (last accessed December 5, 2016).