CA Rev & Tax Code Section 480.8


(1)For purposes of complying with the change in ownership provisions of Section 65.1 and subdivision (i) of Section 61, upon a written request of the county assessor, the owners of a cooperative housing corporation, community apartment project, condominium, planned unit development, or other residential subdivision complex with common areas or facilities in which units or lots are transferred without the use of recorded deeds, shall file an ownership report on or before the first February 1 that follows an assessor request, and on or before each February 1 thereafter. The ownership report shall include all of the following information:


The full name and mailing address of each owner, stockholder, or holder of an ownership interest in the property and a copy of the stock certificate, or other document that evidences an interest in the unit or lot. Copies of stock certificates and other documents evidencing an interest in an individual unit or lot that were provided to the county assessor in a previous ownership report are not required to be provided in subsequent ownership reports.


The situs address, including the number, of each unit or lot.


The date that an ownership interest in the property was acquired and the acquisition price of that interest.


The ownership report described in paragraph (1) applies to units or lots of residential property for which the individual units or lots consist of dwellings that could be eligible for homeowners’ exemption if occupied as a principal place of residence.


(1)If the ownership report request described in subdivision (a) is not complied with, the assessor may send a change in ownership statement to every owner, tenant-shareholder, or occupant of each individual unit or lot. If the assessor sends a change in ownership statement pursuant to this paragraph, a notice shall be included with that statement informing occupants who do not have an ownership interest in the unit or lot to forward the statement to the owner or shareholder of the unit or lot.


Failure to file the change in ownership statement described in paragraph (1) shall result in the penalty described in subdivision (a) of Section 482 for each individual unit or lot whose owner or shareholder fails to independently file the change in ownership statement.
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