CA Rev & Tax Code Section 452


For the assessment year beginning in 1968 and each assessment year thereafter, the board shall prescribe in detail the content of property statements, including the specific wording, to be used by all assessors in the several counties, and cities and counties, and shall notify assessors of those specifications no later than the August 31 prior to the tax lien date on which they become effective. Each assessor shall incorporate the specifications on the exact form he or she proposes to use and submit that form to the board for approval prior to use. The property statement shall not include any question that is not germane to the assessment function.


(1)For property statements to be filed in the 2008 assessment year and each assessment year thereafter, the board shall prescribe that the property statement also include the following:


A brief statement noting the obligation to pay use tax on taxable purchases for which sales tax was not applicable.


Information regarding payment of use tax, which information may be limited to the board’s phone number and a Web site address at which specific information and forms for use tax payment may be obtained.


A statement advising the taxpayer that information provided on a property statement may be shared with the board.


The board shall implement paragraph (1) in a manner that does not increase local costs.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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