CA Rev & Tax Code Section 442


The property statement shall show all taxable property owned, claimed, possessed, controlled, or managed by the person filing it and required to be reported thereon. Every person owning, claiming, possessing, controlling or managing property shall furnish any required information or records to the assessor for examination at any time.


The requirements of this article shall be satisfied with respect to property belonging to others for which the declarer has contractual property tax obligations if the declarer includes that property in the property statement, submits the statement timely, and includes in the statement all information required in the statement pertaining to property belonging to others.


Property that is the subject of a contract designated as a lease that provides that the lessee has the option of acquiring the property at the end of the lease term for one dollar ($1), or any other nominal consideration, shall be reported by the lessor on the lessor’s property statement. If that property qualifies for the property tax exemption provided for by subdivision (d) or (e) of Section 3 of Article XIII of the California Constitution, that property shall be regarded as owned by the lessee and is not required to be shown on any property statement of the lessor.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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