CA Rev & Tax Code Section 408.1


The assessor shall maintain a list of transfers of any interest in property, other than undivided interests, within the county, which have occurred within the preceding two-year period.


The list shall be divided into geographical areas and shall be revised on the 30th day of each calendar quarter to include all such transactions which are recorded as of the preceding quarter.


The list shall contain the following information:


Transferor and transferee, if available;


Assessor’s parcel number;


Address of the sales property;


Date of transfer;


Date of recording and recording reference number;


Where it is known by the assessor, the consideration paid for such property; and


Additional information which the assessor in his discretion may wish to add to carry out the purpose and intent of this section. Other than sales information, the assessor shall not include information on the list which relates to the business or business affairs of the owner of the property, information concerning the business carried on upon the subject property, or the income or income stream generated by the property.


The list shall be open to inspection by any person. The assessor may require the payment of a nonrefundable fee equal to an amount which would reimburse local agencies for their actual administrative costs incurred in such inspections or ten dollars ($10), whichever is the lesser amount.


The provisions of this section shall not apply to any county with a population of under 50,000 people, as determined by the 1970 federal decennial census.


Pursuant to Section 481, the assessor shall not include information on the list which was furnished in the change in ownership statement by the transferee and is not otherwise public information.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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