CA Rev & Tax Code Section 3724

If the share claims are correct or if settlement is made of all disputed claims relating to any parcel, the board of supervisors shall order the money in the delinquent tax sale trust fund received from the sale of the parcel to be distributed under this division among the taxing agencies having filed share claims. There shall also be distributed to the State of California its share of the money received from the sale of the parcel. The auditor shall draw and mail warrants on the delinquent tax sale trust fund in accordance with the order, and the State’s share shall be included in the next semiannual settlement between the county and the State. Where the county assesses and collects taxes for a taxing agency which is also a revenue district, such taxing agency shall receive its share of the proceeds from any sale as distributed under Chapter 1.3, Part 8, Division 1, of this code, without the necessity of their receiving a copy of the report of sale or of submitting a share claim.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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