CA Rev & Tax Code Section 24404

In the case of farmers, fruit growers, or like associations organized and operated in whole or in part on a cooperative or mutual basis, (a)for the purpose of marketing the products of members or other producers, and turning back to them the proceeds of sales, less the necessary marketing expenses, which may include reasonable reserves, on the basis of either the quantity or the value of the products furnished by them, or (b)for the purpose of purchasing, or producing, supplies and equipment for the use of members or other persons, and turning over such supplies and equipment to them at actual cost, plus necessary expenses, all income resulting from or arising out of such business activities for or with their members carried on by them or their agents; or when done on a nonprofit basis for or with nonmembers. For the purposes of this section “all income resulting from or arising out of such business activities for or with their members” shall include all amounts, whether or not derived from patronage, allocated to members during the taxable year. Amounts allocated include cash, merchandise, capital stock, revolving fund certificates, certificates of indebtedness, retain certificates, letters of advice, or written instruments which in some other manner disclose to each member the dollar amount allocated to him. Allocations made after the close of the taxable year and on or before the fifteenth day of the ninth month following the close of such year shall be considered as made on the last day of such taxable year to the extent the allocations are attributable to income derived before the close of such year.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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