CA Rev & Tax Code Section 19715


A civil action in the name of the State of California to enjoin any person from further engaging in specified conduct may be commenced at the request of the Franchise Tax Board. Any action under this section shall be brought in accordance with Section 19707. The court may exercise its jurisdiction over that action separate and apart from any other action brought by the State of California against that person.


In any action under subdivision (a), the court may enjoin the person from engaging in the specified conduct or in any other activity subject to penalty under this part, if the court finds both of the following:


That the person has engaged in any specified conduct.


That injunctive relief is appropriate to prevent recurrence of that specified conduct.


For purposes of this section, the term “specified conduct” means any action, or failure to take action, subject to penalty under Section 19173, 19174, 19177, or 19178.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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