CA Rev & Tax Code Section 19604


Except for fees received for services under Section 23305e, all moneys and remittances received by the Franchise Tax Board as amounts imposed under Part 11 (commencing with Section 23001), and related penalties, additions to tax, fees, and interest imposed under this part, shall be deposited in a special fund in the State Treasury, to be designated the Corporation Tax Fund. The moneys in the fund shall, upon the order of the Controller, be drawn therefrom for the purpose of making refunds under this part or be transferred into the General Fund. All undelivered refund warrants shall be redeposited into the Corporation Tax Fund upon receipt by the Controller. Fees received for services under Section 23305e shall be treated as reimbursement of the Franchise Tax Board’s costs and shall be deposited into the General Fund.


Notwithstanding Section 13340 of the Government Code, all moneys in the Corporation Tax Fund are hereby continuously appropriated, without regard to fiscal year, to the Franchise Tax Board for purposes of making all payments as provided in this section.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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