CA Rev & Tax Code Section 196.96

On or before December 31, 1995, each eligible county, as described in Section 196.94, shall compute and remit to the Controller for deposit in the General Fund an amount equal to the amount allocated to it by the Controller pursuant to Section 196.94, less the actual amount of its property tax revenue lost in the 1993–94 fiscal year on the regular secured and supplemental rolls with respect to eligible properties as a result of the reassessment of those properties pursuant to paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) of Section 170, excluding any property tax revenue lost by school districts (other than basic state aid school districts) and county offices of education. If the actual amount of property tax revenue lost by an eligible county in the 1993–94 fiscal year, as described and limited in the preceding sentence, exceeds the amount allocated by the Controller to that county pursuant to Section 196.95, the Controller shall allocate the amount of that excess to that eligible county. For purposes of this section, “basic state aid school district” means any school district that does not receive a state apportionment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 42238 of the Education Code, but receives from the state only a basic apportionment pursuant to Section 6 of Article IX of the California Constitution.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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