CA Rev & Tax Code Section 196.1

In the 1991–92 fiscal year or as soon as possible thereafter, the county auditor of an eligible county, proclaimed by the Governor to be in a state of disaster as a result of the riots that occurred in California during April and May 1992, shall certify to the Director of Finance an estimate of the total amount of the reduction in property tax revenues on the regular secured roll and the supplemental roll for the 1992–93 fiscal year resulting from the reassessment of eligible properties by the county assessor pursuant to Section 170, except that the amount certified shall not include any estimated property tax revenue reductions to school districts (other than basic state aid school districts), county offices of education, and community college districts. For purposes of this section, “basic state aid school district” means a school district that does not receive a state apportionment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 42238 of the Education Code, but receives from the state only a basic apportionment pursuant to Section 6 of Article IX of the California Constitution.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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