CA Rev & Tax Code Section 18742


The Franchise Tax Board shall notify the Controller of both the amount of moneys paid by taxpayers in excess of their tax liability and the amount of refund moneys that taxpayers have designated pursuant to Section 18741 to be transferred to the Endangered and Rare Fish, Wildlife, and Plant Species Conservation and Enhancement Account. The Controller shall transfer from the Personal Income Tax Fund to that account, an amount not in excess of the sum of the amounts reported to the Controller by the Franchise Tax Board that have been designated by individuals pursuant to Section 18741 for payment into that account.


All moneys transferred to the account, upon appropriation by the Legislature, shall be allocated as follows:


To the Franchise Tax Board and the Controller for the reimbursement of all actual and direct costs incurred by the Franchise Tax Board and the Controller in connection with the collection and administration of funds under this article.


To the Department of Fish and Game for the purposes specified in Section 1771 of the Fish and Game Code.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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