CA Rev & Tax Code Section 17937


A limited partnership shall not be subject to the taxes imposed by this chapter for a taxable year if the limited partnership does all of the following:


Files with the Franchise Tax Board a timely final annual tax return for the preceding taxable year.


Does not do business in this state after the end of the taxable year for which the final annual tax return was filed.


Files a certificate of cancellation with the Secretary of State, pursuant to Section 15623 or 15696 of the Corporations Code, before the end of the 12-month period beginning with the date the final annual tax return was filed.


For purposes of this section, a “final annual tax return” is a return described in Section 18633 that is filed on or before the due date of the return, as extended, that the taxpayer designates in the manner prescribed by the Franchise Tax Board as the taxpayer’s final annual return for purposes of the tax imposed under this chapter. For purposes of this chapter, a “final annual tax return” is a return filed pursuant to Section 18633 where the taxpayer is not required to file a subsequent return to reflect the imposition of tax under this chapter.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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