CA Rev & Tax Code Section 12423


If an insurer or surplus line broker fails to file a return, the commissioner may require a return by mailing notice to the insurer or surplus line broker to file a return by a specified date or he or she may without requiring a return, or upon no return having been filed pursuant to the demand therefor, make an estimate of the amount of tax due for the calendar year or years in respect to which the insurer or surplus line broker failed to file the return. The estimate shall be made from any available information which is in the commissioner’s possession or may come into his or her possession, and the commissioner shall propose, in writing, to the board a deficiency assessment for the amount of the estimated tax. The proposal shall set forth the basis of the estimate and the details of the computation of the tax.


This section shall become operative on July 1, 2013.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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